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All of these paintings and etchings are from an antique dealer in the Edzell area of Scotland between 1972 and 1974. I created this site to learn about the artists, when the piece was created, if the piece has any history, etc.

I was in the US Navy stationed in Edzell when I visited an antique dealer in a nearby town, Brechin. I became friends with an older man, who I always believed to be the grandfather of the owner. He would give me the key to the warehouse across the street and I could pick out what I wanted.

I went there many times over the two years I was in Scotland and that’s how I ended up with over a 100 pieces. I really didn’t know what I was doing. I made my selections based on things like the frame or if I liked it. I never looked at the artist’s name or date it was created or if it was an original or a print.

I kept everything in storage. I decided in January of 2011 to organize all of them. I am pleasantly surprised at the quaility. My art education is ongoing.

I hope that anyone visiting this site will help identify the works. Whenever I learn something about a piece of art, I will add it to the fact sheet I created for each (click on an image to see the fact sheet). If you have any questions or information about a piece, please email me.

Can you help me interpret these signatures?

#5, #27, #53, #67, and #99.

Some are in bad condition. Some may have only been in the antique store because they were part of an estate. Since I don’t know, everything is here.

The paintings and prints are presented in no special order. Many are unexamined out of the frame and the images are photographed through glass. Once all of the images are catalogued, I’ll take apart those that I couldn’t identify to see if there is any additional information.

STATUS: March, 2019 – Last Update of Scotland antique art collection.

Thank you. Mike

Referenced on this site: Rudolph Ackerman, J. Adamson, Andrew F. Affleck, W. M. Allan, Stanley Angus, J. F. Arthur, Sir David Baird Bart, Charles Baxter, Edouard de Beaumont, J. Beckett, J. B. Bennet, W. R. Bigg, Charles Bird, Rosa Bonheur, Boots Picture Framing, J. Burnett, Laurent Cars, W. Chevalier, Braun Clement, Colnaghi, Mrs. Cosway, James Daniell, E.N. Downard, Lewis Earle of Feversham, Aileen Mary Elliott, Joseph Farquharson, FHO Printsellers Association, The Fine Art Society (Limd), Fritz Fleischer, Camille Fonce, Myles Birket Foster, Alexander Fraser, A. Gaymard, A. Geremia, H. Gillbank, A. M. Glashon, Maude Goodman, J. W. Gozzard, Marchioness of Granby, Mary Groves, J.B. Gueze, Mrs. Ellen Gwyn, G. Hadden, Peter von Halm, Wallace Hester, David Hicks, T. Hodgetts, Horsburg, T. W. Huffman, J. C. Ibbetson, Nicolas Henri Jouvenet, Joseph Juster, Alice Kendall, Henry John Yeend King, Maxime Lalanne, Robert Scott Lauder R.S.A, Peter Lely, Frederic Louis Leve, John Hardwicke Lewis, R. Lloyd, John Macwhirter, Thos. McLean, Jean-Francois Millet, C.S. Mills, Francois Le Moine, F. G. Moon, Nash Magazine, Erskine Nicol, Mr. Nieuwenhuys, Caroli Patini, Queen Philippa, Rosalie C. Pulsford, Rackermann’s, Henry Raeburn, Sidney Redrup, Frost and Reed, W. Renison, Reudel, W.S. Reynolds, J. Riley, L. J. Robertson, Gerald Robinson, Featherstone Robson, Charles Rolls, Rothesay, Royal Society of Marine Artists, Peter Paul Rubens, Fiohel Adler and Schwartz, H. C. Selous, H. Pruett Share, W. H. Simmons, John Smith, K. F. Smith, R. Stewart, M. Tarr, Gerard Terburg, Bertel Thorwaldsen, C. Turner, Baussod Valadon, Huet Villiers, C.W. Walton, David Waterson, J. D. Watson, George Frederick Watts, James Whistler, Carlton Wiggins, Sir David Wilkie, Johann Georg Wille, Guileilmus Wissing, Martial Desbois – Arthur James Balfour – Marion Margaret – Violet Manners – née Lindsay – Duchess of Rutland

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